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Universal Catalytic Converters

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust High-Flow Catalytic Converters are designed for optimum flow. MagnaFlow converters feature a stainless steel body and a bright mirror finish stainless steel heat shield. They contain a flow-efficient ceramic catalyst, ribbed body for strength and a funnel inlet and outlet for smooth exhaust flow. Use to replace failed or damaged OEM converters.

AP manufactures a vast array of technologically advanced catalytic converters. From research to design, AP utilizes the best manufacturing practices and innovative technologies ensuring our customers are provided with solutions to meet their needs for industrial and automotive emission control components.

AP catalytic converters are designed to be durable and our use of stainless steel materials provides for a long life product. Premium-grade ceramic substrates are processed in our factories to OEM performance and reliability standards. Our research engineers are specialized in material science, surface chemistry, and metallurgy. State-of-the-art production methods, coating techniques, advanced materials, and chemistry, all come together resulting in industry leading designs and emission control solutions.

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